Lake Mcconaughy: The High Point of a Really Flat Place

Nebraska. It can be a pretty corny place. The grocery store had massive tubs of lard, margarine, butter, and every other form of slatherable spreads. Zach’s “far-en” truck drew some stares and glares. But amidst the endless endlessness is a tropical haven, sorta.

Lake Mcconaughy has over 2 cubic kilometers (thats right, SI units all the way!) of water. Its good for making electrons and things, but its even better as one of the only reliable kiteboarding and windsurfing spots in the interior US. A measly 3 hour drive is nothing compared to the 20 we normally need to go.

With good wind forecasts, we loaded up the 4Runner with tons of Ramen, wind inspired sporting equipment, and 2 girls who have the grumpy glare thing down pat. This trip was from September 2010, one last jaunt before school set in.

As per usual however, bringing Zach along is the only way to ensure that despite all weather predictions and known patterns, the air would be as still and lifeless as the kite it is supposed to fill. In fact, he has his own Flickr album devoted to windless antics.

So yeah. We sat there, kite and windsurfer lying limply on the beach, reading current weather forecasts on the beach saying it was nukin. Pretty much standard stuff. Instead, we enjoyed som less epic things, like having a little photo shoot of pierce with, unbeknownst to him, a perfect strip of sunscreen on his face. Top it all off with a goofy Pierce grin. We all thought it was hilarious.

Next, to get some exercise, we all tried sprinting through the water, generally in the most graceful way possible (especially in Pierce’s case).

Not exactly graceful, eh?

Even better was the tutorial on how to jump for Alyssa and Michaella. Seriously, you’d think something like jumping would have come up in life before their 20s, but apparently they couldn’t do it without some very detailed instruction. They were even less thrilled than we were.

Best of all would have to be the hair flip exercises. After seeing Mic’s results, Pierce had to give it a try. He’s obviously the natural.

As is always true in photography, lighting is everything. The half-tarded shots above turned into pretty damn sweet silhouettes just as the sun went down. Pierce even got out on the windsurfer for a bit.

Wind or no, the 24 hour jaunt turned into a pretty enjoyable trip! Hopefully someday a new post will be filled with more epic, wind-filled activities. But for now, this goofy trip will have to do.

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