San Fran Pit Stop

So Zach might be known for his eccentricity at times. Take for example, his obsession with Puerto Rican Pique Sauce. There is a place in San Francisco called Sol ( that happens to make a delicious batch of the stuff. So this summer, Zach called to them to find out if they would ship. Unfortunately, the stuff was too precious to risk in a UPS truck, so Zach made the pilgrimage out to stock up for the year. While he was there, he thought he might as well ride his bike around some local land marks.

A gallon of Pique in hand, Zach then paid his toll and went across some cool looking bridge to hang around Sausalito and ride his bike around. Unfortunately, he was feeling lazy and itching to get on his way-overpriced mountain bike (Yeti SB95 Race, baby!), so he drove to the top of the big hill behind the bridge and immediately downhilled one of the dirt trails.

3 pedals into the climb back up to the top, he broke his bike’s chain. It was an arduous and profanity filled hike back up to the top. But by the time he got up there, it was time for a pretty sweet sunset, so it was all right.

Not a bad errand run! Fun afternoon in a pretty iconic place, makes one even forget about the 20+ hour drive out there. Though his Pique is running out faster than he thought.

2 thoughts on “San Fran Pit Stop

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