How Not to Shoot Thor’s Well

1manventure for Zach here.

On my cross-country road trip from Colorado up to Oregon, where I would meet Pierce for a few weeks of epic mountain biking, winery-ing, and most importantly, kiteboarding, I decided to check out the Oregon coast. Sounds relaxing right? Not so. But pretty sweet nonetheless.

In typical Zach fashion, this little trip came about on a whim. There I was, in San Francisco, checking out an epic sunset while enjoying my Pique sauce. My planning and forethought ended with the evening light. I was packing up my gear, blowing up my camping pad and getting ready to spend another luxurious night in Chateau Dischner, when I was struck by a hammer of an idea. THOR’s WELL! I’ve always wanted to check out the spot, and I figured while I was only a short drive away I’d head up the coast.

What I was going for was more like this (thank’s google image search!)

What I got was just a huge stormy mess.

I got there way too early, so ended up just hanging out alone on this big wet piece of rock out in the ocean. Nothing else to do but take awkward self portraits, all while trying not to fall into the stormy mess of a sea. Winds were blowing hard enough to knock me over once or twice, and big waves were crashing all around me, dousing me and my camera gear pretty thoroughly. 2 lenses and my 5D Mark ii were actually casualities of the encounter. Gotta dig personal articles insurance though! Got very few shots from the 3 hours I spent on the rock, and just one video when conditions were calm enough for my phone to be able to focus and get a video. But it was still pretty fun!

What did I learn? I forget. I’ll probably go back sometime and try the exact same thing. Planning anything just makes me cringe inside.

4 thoughts on “How Not to Shoot Thor’s Well

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