Moab – 2 Noble Studs on 2 Noble Steeds

What do most over-priveledged students from the the University of Colorado have in common? That’s right: severely overpriced bicycles. Us though? We’re even more spoiled. We have two of the most overpriced mountain bikes you can get, a bunch of fancy camera gear, a couple of beat up 4runners, and the urge to validate all of these purchases through epic pictures. Once again, we decided the best way to fulfill these urges was to purchase more expensive gear (in this case high-power mountain biking lights!) and head out to Moab for a weekend of biking and epic photography. Never ended up actually using the bike lights though, ha! Turns out we went on Moab’s annual “Everyone-go-to-Moab-and-Keep-Coloradoans-from-Finding-a-Campsite Weekend”. So our nights were spent searching for a camp spot in the boonies, instead of shredding slick rock trails. Oh well!

On Friday morning after a light dusting of snow, we hastily strapped the bikes to the car, threw our usual assortment of camping/luxury gear in the back of the 4runner, and went up to campus and took our GPS midterm test. This turned out to be a frustrating endeavor, full of ambiguous questions and vague problem statements (isn’t the whole point of GPS to get a non-ambiguous solution?). Fueled by frustration and a couple lattes from Brewing Market, we left Boulder at 1130 and began driving to Moab. Zach hadn’t been out to Moab on his new Yeti SB-95, and was especially angsty.

After just a single pitstop for Cheez-it filled wraps, we got to Moab around 530ish and decided we wanted to camp in the slickrock bike area. We soon found that every single person in the western United States decided to visit Moab on this particular weekend. It was packed! We found that all the campspots in the slickrock area were completely overflowing with people. Oh well, we decided to bike the slickrock practice loop as the sun was setting. This turned into an awesome photo op:

Biking along as the sun was setting and the colors were turning from white to yellow to gold to magenta Zach says: “Wouldn’t it be cool if we found a big puddle where we could take a reflection shot with the purple La Sals in the background?”

To which Pierce responded with: “Yeah right Zach. We’re in the middle of the desert. Just keep your foolish thoughts to yourself”

Sure enough we go around a curve in the trail, and there was the perfect puddle. Zach demanded some wheelies, and Pierce took to the task with vigor:

Next was Zach’s turn. Here is Zach taking his usual approach to Nature:

Next as the sun finally set, we resorted to the classic silhouette shots.

After this we were famished, and decided we needed to find a place to camp. We drove to basically every camp spot we knew of  in the Moab vicinity and found everything was completely overrun with people. We decided we would try as a last ditch effort to camp up in Island in the Sky. Keeping ourselves going with one cheeze it handful at a time, we eventually found a spot to camp in Island in the sky. We quickly lit a fire, and grilled about 5000 calories of burgers and brats, a piece. Paired with some killer Washington beer, and we had a recipe for an awesome night.

The next day, we met with Pierce’s buddy Dave, and he took us riding out on some brand new single track out by the Klondike Bluffs. While waiting, we practiced our photogenic wheelies and at Zach’s suggestion, endos. Turns out, Zach (AKA Mr. Wobbles) is no better on 1 wheel than he his on 2.

Turned out to be a pretty sweet ride! Way more than we were anticipating though. Brought food and water for a quick few mile-long loop. By the end of the 20 mile ride, we were stoked, but hungry as a pair of college guys get. Unfortunately, with camp spots still over-run, we were a while from dinner.

It wasn’t until about 3 hours later, when we finally found a flat riverbed off of some offroad trail that we finally ate. It was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Another kilo-calorie gut buster. This one was Chile/Oriental Ramen with grilled peppers and brats with goat cheese. Ridiculous. We were both far to hungry and grumpy to take any pictures, but trust me, it was amazing.

Spent another awesome night under the daylight-bright full moon, with naut but some 120 proof Knob Creek for warmth (and identical Marmot sleeping bags-800 fill down baby!)

The next morning, we spent a few hours tooling around in Bartlett Wash, a huge slickrock playground up on top of a canyon. Its got tons of cool bowls, washouts, jumps, drops, and some butt-clenching lines if you choose to take them. Pretty sick!

Lessons learned? Scope a campspot early. Buy more Chile/Oriental Ramen. Learn to do better endos. Not a bad weekend in all!

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