It’s Wyoming – Windy and Cold – What Else can you Say?

Seeing as we are always on the look out for wind, we saw that Lake Hattie, up in Wyoming was forecasted to be windy and slightly warm (High of 50 degrees). Now this was in late October, so “warm” is a relative term. We decided that the forecast looked good enough that we would make the 3 hour drive from Boulder up to Hattie and try to spend a much needed day on the water. It turned into the most tropical looking 35deg water we have ever scene. Despite the arctic conditions, Zach still managed some great runs on his huge 14m^2 kite, and Pierce enjoyed some classic light-wind puttering on his windsurfer with some nice Wyoming backdrops.

Upon leaving Boulder at 7am, we both realized we didn’t have any sort of warm weather gloves for wearing in the water. At 8am we stopped at Jax Home and Ranch supply, mistakenly believing this was the same Jax that has all the fishing/sporting gear. The only gloves we managed to find were plastic covered cotton “work gloves”. We figured these would at least keep the cold wind off of our hands, and decided they would have to do. This led to some of the coldest-frosty mitts that Zach has ever experienced, but totally worth it!

Seeing as this was a 1day venture, we will let the pictures speak for themselves. This first involved lots of sunglasses “Selfies” with the awesome wyoming clouds:

Surprisingly the wind wasn’t very strong, and would have lots of lulls and holes. This led to a few short runs for both me and Zach before we got too cold and had to come warm our hands.

During our many hand warming breaks, we resorted to taking reflection shots again, but this time with the 4runner:

Finally, after warming Zach up in the running car for about an hour, Pierce finally convinced him to go out on his huge 14m^2 kite. This turned out to be the best runs of the day, and Zach got some great jumps, along with some great crashes!

Using our now completely numb hands, we packed up the gear, and quickly blasted home in 4runner style!

Lessons learned: Don’t stop at Jax Home and Ranch supply for wetsuit gloves when you are swimming in 35deg water. Thanks for stopping by!

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