Hydration is Key – Hiking Club Hut Trip

The number one rule in any outdoor winter excursions is almost universally to keep hydrated. Well for the 2014 University of Colorado Hiking Club infamous hut trip in January, Pierce and I took that rule to heart. Keen on the most efficient use of space, we decided to just bring up the biggest single volume of hydration that we could – a full sized keg. The one caveat being that they will only fill kegs with beer. So we made due and began the deceptively arduous task of hauling a full 58 Liters of Deschutes Mirror Pond up to Francie’s cabin in Breckenridge, CO.

Far from a full Andes expedition, the “hike” from the trailhead to the luxurious mountain cabin is just over 1 mile. But two broken sleds and some grumpy hikers can attest to just how much harder a 130 lb dead weight makes the trip. Especially since it’s natural tendency was to slide off the trail given any slip of an opportunity.

But we’re troupers, and got it up. Must say, I don’t think we’ve ever had a beer so nice as from a freshly tapped keg in an alpine hut. Makes an obscenely good pairing with cheeze-its and some deliciously prepared curry by master chef Zach. The rest of the day (it was only a mile after all) was spent just hanging out in the hut with books, board games, and an ensemble of string instruments that everyone was encouraged to bring. Epic. Of course other more intense members of the entourage went and explored the backcountry skiing around the area, but the rest of us enjoyed the less intense side of hut life.

Day 2: Wake, huge breakfast, read/sled/ski all day. Mirror Pond on hand whenever hydration was in question.

Unfortunately the keg ran dry that night, and thus ended the trip. Enjoyed a nice downhill haul, which was decidedly easier with no beer in the shell and an incline working with instead of against us.

All in all another hugely successful hut trip if you ask me! The only sad point is that now, as graduates, this is probably Pierce and my last hut trip with the club. We shall miss the epicness and absurdity of it all. But such is life.

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