Face Shots – Sounds Like a Selfie, but Way Better

Selfie was the 2013 word of the year, but thus far “face shot” is looking good for 2014.

Just a quick 1manventure post from Zach here. I heard rumor of a huge storm hitting the ski areas up in the Colorado high country yesterday, so I decided to call in sick and head up to Copper Mountain, CO. Roads were horrible (especially on my bald truck tires), I-70 was intermittently shut down for avalanche control, and it seemed that everyone else on the front range turned out to be sick too. It was shaping up to be a powder day!

Turned into the best snow day I’ve ever had. I used to ski religiously, 4 days a week making the commute by myself up to the mountains in search of a single damn powder day. Got some decent ones in my day, but nothing like 19 inches overnight that we had yesterday. All the old timers said it had been 20 years since they could remember another powder day like this in Summit County. It felt like Utah up there! Face shots all day. Drop into the trees and start pushing snow with your hips. The biggest problem was sometimes visibility as waves of snow just flowed over my head. It was insane. Hardest part of the day (despite being out of skiing shape) was stopping to take a few pictures. Luckily I got my snowboarder friend Jed to take a few of me too.

One thought on “Face Shots – Sounds Like a Selfie, but Way Better

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