Hood River Bound

Solo Zach post here. Pierce and I are at ends on most topics. I kiteboard, he windsurfs. I ride a Yeti, he’s on a Specialized. My 4Runner is a 2001, his is a 1999.  Clearly, we’re toeing the line of incompatibility. But his shortcomings aside, there is one thing we both agree on. Hood River, OR is just about the greatest place on earth. Haven’t been everywhere by any means, but so far Hood River in August is simply the most astoundingly beautiful and fun place ever. Last year, Pierce was lucky enough to snag an internship out there. Whereas I had the luxury of spending a few weeks driving across the entire western half of the US in Chateau Dischner. My trusty rusty 4runner. See a pitstop in San Fran and a failed photo op in Oregon.

Hood river has some of the best mountain biking and kiteboarding I’ve found in the country, the hardest part is just having to stop for photos! As per usual, the common subject matter in most of these shots on a solo adventure are either my hat, my truck, or my bike. My weeks there were pretty much just a solid block of biking, kiting, and sunset hunting after the wind dies down.

And when I’m not floundering in the water, watching the pros rip it up next to big cargo ships on the river is just epic.

Which is all decidedly more epic than watching Pierce putter around. I feel pretty good in the landlocked states, but whenever I go out there, I feel like a day-1 noob. Still, it feels pretty sick!

Then I wrapped up the whole awesome trip by driving through Palouse and Jackson. Can’t wait for round 2 this summer!


Till next time…

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