Jackson Hole: Epic Skiing, Epic Mountains, Epic Thai Food?

1manventure from Zach here. For a while, I’ve been convinced Jackson Hole might be one of the coolest places around. Its an epicly gorgeous area, and the Tetons are unlike anything I’ve seen statewide. And their skiing is known the world over. Mind blowing. Also mind blowing is one of the local Thai place/brewery, Thai Me Up. Skeptical. Good. Don’t go there. Don’t believe me. Absolutely don’t get there. Less wait for the rest of us.

So yeah, not much else to say. A few weeks ago I drove through Jackson Hole on my way to attend an IEEE conference in Big Sky Montana. Just had a phenomenal weekend of Thai food eating, beer drinking, and epic powder skiing. I’ve had crazy good luck this year with regard to snow. The day I was there I got another 12+” powder day. And at Jackson? That is a recipe for a life-changing day.

I was on my fat skis for the day, and was just giddy with adrenalin. I mean FAT!! 142 underfoot and more fun than two big planks of wood have a right to be. Conversely, my skier buddy Kevin I was with for the day was on a skinny pair of bump skies, and he looked to be having plenty of fun cruising underneath all the good snow (though I’ll say that’s just because he doesn’t know better!). He’s the one who makes violent pole motions when planting for his little turns. A hoot to watch!

One thought on “Jackson Hole: Epic Skiing, Epic Mountains, Epic Thai Food?

  1. Hello Zach, I happen to be browsing “Colors” wallpaper app and found your
    Lightening storm picture. Absolutely beautiful. In trying to save it , but not
    able to i stumbled upon your other masterpieces. Thank you for posting
    your breath-taking photos with entertainin background info of each. Truly a
    a treat. Sincerely- Tonya G.

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