Fruita Bound

With the infamous words of Mark Twain (or someone equally eloquent and insightful) in mind: “The best chance you have of getting laid is if you crawl up a chicken’s ass and wait”, we took off for a dudes’ weekend out of town and into Colorado’s High country.

Zach and Mike blasted off from Boulder on Friday afternoon in Zach’s brand new (2005) Tacoma adventure mobile! Complete with softtopper, storage box for PBR, and a nice wooden bed frame for two lonesome bros to share the night on. It was a sad day when Zach abandoned the 4runner, but a Tacoma will more than pick up the slack. Pierce drove down from Utah and after a few sips of PBR we all crashed in the BLM parking lot ready for a full day of riding!

Not a whole lot to say here. Pierce was on his trusty Stump Humper, Zach demoed a ridiculously badass Yeti SB6C, and Manventurer #3 Mike Bonicci brought his Yeti ASR, and the only thing that went faster than the bikes was the 750ml of George Dickel Rye that didn’t last the night!

Fruita has some of the coolest trails known to Colorado, and we had a blast riding them. Multiple laps of PBR, Chutes and Ladders, Zippety and Joes Ridge soon led to a +40mile weekend. We even came up with a new scale on which to gauge trails based on some of the new hip terminology we heard being thrown around by the more abled riders:

On a scale of flowy to techy:

  • Flowy
  • Floky
  • Flecky
  • Towy
  • Techy

Anyways, what a great weekend of riding! We are excited to explore more of the area, especially as temperatures start to drop in the Front Range!

Enjoy the rest of our artsy attempts at photos below:

4 thoughts on “Fruita Bound

  1. You have got a true adventurers soul Zach. I see you have been posting shots to your blog while away from other photog-media sites. Love to see some great shots. I think you should think of biking the mighty Himalayan terrains now. I have done the circuit on motorbike which you might be interested to.
    Recently read someone else’s log of doing the circuit (in real badass style) which might give you an idea

    Cheers to adventure!

  2. HI Zach – Fruita does indeed look a great place for mountain biking!! For a fellow mountain biker from San Diego who has not yet been to Colorado (bucket list), where would I find these trails? How far or near to Fruita are these trails and where do you start the ride? Would love to go there. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Rob Carle, San DIego, CA.

    • Its the best! Check out 18 road (you can just google “18 road” and they’ll navigate you there). Nice campground with tons of short marked trails wrapping around it. So easy!!

      • Zach – many thanks and will check it out. Look forward to getting out there!

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