Pierce Martin


Manventure Squad – Blue Leader.

I’m Pierce Martin, and man #2 of the 2manventure. That’s me in the picture on the right in classic Pierce mode. Zach just seems to be able to capture my varied facial expressions in marvelous ways. I don’t really have a way with words like Zach does, but here goes my life split into the Boring and Not Boring categories:


I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, where I studied Aerospace Engineering. I have always been interested in aircraft and space my whole life, and I thought that studying about these topics in school could be the coolest thing. So far it has been great! I truly enjoy solving technical problems. I have gotten to learn some really cool things, and meet a lot of really cool people along the way.

As an undergrad I worked at the National Center for Atmospheric (NCAR) research as a student assistant and intern for a number of years. Here I learned a lot about software and got to analyze and display all of the cool data that NCAR collects from their field projects. Hanging out with all of the other students and playing hacky sack during breaks was a great time!

For two summers I have worked as a propulsion engineer at Insitu Inc. in Hood River, OR. This was a dream come true to me, as I had applied to every single job opening that they had (even the janitor positions, Ha!). I even turned down an internship offer from NASA JPL to work up there. Insitu set me up with an awesome vacation rental in downtown Hood River, and I spent my weekends mountain biking and windsurfing. Working with actual aircraft all day was a great learning experience as well. Not a bad way to spend the summer!

I now work at The Aerospace Corporation as an Embedded Software Engineer. I develop attitude determination and control flight software for small CubeSats, and perform IV&V tasks for the ULA Delta IV launch vehicle flight software. Working with real space hardware has been an eye opening experience! I spend my SoCal weekends learning how to surf (poorly), avoiding sharks, mountain biking and hiking.

Not Boring

My main passion in life is windsurfing. My dad introduced me to the sport when we would go on road trips to Oregon every summer. Nothing beats a long day of windsurfing, followed by a cold Full Sail IPA around the campfire. My dream in life is to be a windsurf bum who lives out of 4×4 epic windsurfing van with a mountain bike strapped to the back for non windy days. I hope I can find a job where I can work hard, yet still enjoy the windsurfing life. Here I am windsurfing on the Boulder Reservoir on a rare windy day in Colorado:

Pierce rippin it up on the Boulder Res.

Pierce rippin it up on the Boulder Res.

Other than windsurfing and mountain biking, I love to hike and backpack in the Colorado and Utah area. I was treasurer of the Hiking Club at CU and I have lead multiple awesome trips around the amazing backyard of Colorado. I like to pretend I can rock climb, but I usually get scared out of my pants whenever I climb outside. I also like to fly RC airplanes and play the guitar/banjo.

With all of these hobbies, I try to document them as best I can through photography. I am nowhere near as good of a photographer as Zach, but I like to try to show the fun times that we experience. I love looking at pictures of my parents from back in the day in all of their cool adventures, and I hope I can come back in 30 years and remember the awesome experiences I was lucky enough to partake in.

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