Zach Dischner

Manventure Squad - Orange Leader.

Manventure Squad – Orange Leader.

I’m Zach Dischner; man #1 in this 2manventure team (sorry Pierce, got to the page first). I can pretty much say my life is split into two parts. Boring and Not Boring.


I’m a grad student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, getting a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering. It started out just to be an excuse to wear a “Yes, actually I AM a rocket scientist” shirt, but I must say it is an awesome program, and looks like a great field to go into. I couldn’t actually tell you a whole lot about rockets or planes, but am pretty well versed in software and electronics.

I’ve got one internship at the Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) here in Boulder. There I maintain and update production code for the AIM satellite. I sit happily in my little cubicle and deal in all manner of computery things like: IDL, Python, IDL, Bash, Linux, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, C, Perl, and anything else that the scientists require.

I’ve also got another job as a consultant (sorta) at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Here I build and test instruments for their scientists. Normally pretty cool stuff, like building custom high-end cameras for high-altitude balloon flights. I do a lot more computery things like: Python, Matlab, C, Arduino, Git, LaTeX, and MySQL. But I also get to work on electronics and design and test PCB boards.

In summary, I’ve got about awesome 10,000 ways to get muscular dystrophy, sitting at a desk. Worst part is… I’m officially a huge nerd, and happen to really like all the boring stuff. You’ll never find someone happier to strike up a coding debate while out at happy hour. Much to the chagrin of my non-engineering friends.

Not Boring

Yeah, I sometimes like my world of techno babble, but living behind my computer screen drives me nuts! All I want is to be outside, doing something epic. I’m a rock climber, skier, windsurfer, kiteboarder, camper, hiker, hunter, backpacker, hockey player, mountain biker, power-kiter, and aspiring photographer. I never say no to anything – normally the dumber the better. Huge fan of road trips, fixing my truck (she needs a lot of it), and working with my hands.

My life dream is to be a pro photographer. But not of people, weddings, and living rooms, I just want to lead an epic life and have someone pay me handsomely to take pictures of it. But for now, this blog will do!

5 thoughts on “Zach Dischner

  1. Also not boring is the fact that you have an awesome non-engineering girlfriend who is pretty cool and supportive of your “epic” lifestyle. 🙂 Cute

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