If you’re driving a sedan and are happy with it, thats cool. If you’ve ever wanted anything more in your life look no further! A 4runner is an adventure in a stylish yet rugged box. It is happiness with 4WD, it is comfort that doesn’t at all remind you of a Lazy-Boy. And its a total babe-magnet. What is not to like?!?!

2 thoughts on “4Runner!

  1. Totally agree with ya on the 4Runner. Did you soup up the engine at all or tweak the truck to make it more rugged? Would love to hear your feedback about that ride of yours.

    • Engine is totally stock! Suspension upgrade is about it, keep it as long lasting as we could while still allowing some more off-piste adventures. But mainly because we couldn’t afford the TRD supercharger that we really wanted! Thanks for the comment!

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