Chateau Dischner

An album dedicated to Zach’s 4Runner.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview he recently had with the New York Times, who were very interested in the vehicle.

Is it a POS? Absolutely.

Does it start reliably? Define reliably

Don’t the constant squeaks, bangs, and rattles make you nervous? Never hear them. That’s what the radio is for

Is that real, authentic truck bed coating covering the thing? Oh yeah. Cheaper than paint, and you just roll it on!

Is it true that it sometimes won’t start if the Ipod is plugged in to the radio? Yeah, isn’t that how your truck works?

Its got over 200K miles, few of which have been kind. It was totaled before I got it, and been in 3 accidents, fender benders, and off road incidents since. I drive it all around the country, on road and off. I joke that I always carry 10x the value of the vehicle inside. But I never sleep better than when I ‘m in the back, on my sleeping pad, luxuriating in the comfort that is Chateau Dischner.

3 thoughts on “Chateau Dischner

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