Tour De Colorado

Solo 1manventure from Zach here.

What to do when you have a three day weekend and can’t decide which world class mountain biking town to visit? Go to all of them! Last weekend I took a little road trip through Colorado’s high country. From Boulder to Fruita, then to Telluride, then off to Crested Butte. Got a killer tour of each, and got to test out a new GoPro I picked up on my way out of town too.

If you don’t like non-moving pictures, check out the GoPro I made of the weekend’s adventure! Synced to the music I listened to on each ride.

First stop Fruita. Pulled in just in time to do a few runs on Zippity and Joe’s Ridge, then I got a nice show from mother nature as she tossed some epic thunderstorms my way. Luckily they all skirted the 18 road camp spots so I stayed perfectly dry all night.

After a hot few hours riding, it was time to head out of town. The road calls! Next stop Telluride, where I was reminded of just how sick the San Juan Mountain Range really is. Nothing in CO

Wandered around the town for a bit then found a camp spot up by Alta Lakes. Turned into a gorgeous spot right off the backside of the Telluride ski area. With no lightning to distract me this night, I got plenty of chances at some more night shots. Featuring, go figure, the mighty 4Runner aka Chateau Dischner.

Day 2: “Wussy Wasach” as it is known by the locals. Ride the free gondola partway up the mountain, then bike all the way up to the peak of Revelation Bowl. Then its a gorgeous single track descent back into town. Awesome ride! I got to try my hand at some super awkward camera-on-rock-with-10-second-timer ride by shots while descending the sometimes scree like single track. Ended up being one of the most scenic rides I’ve ever seen.

On my way out of town, I drove up to the town’s huge waterfall for more not-for-profit 4runner shots, since I had no other subject matter to work with.


The entire time, I was just blown away by the scale of it all. It is HUGE country up there! Here is a 20something pano of the mountain side and my truck a tiny dot in the bottom right. Sorry, no banana for scale here.

Final stop, Crested Butte! Manned up and bought a lift ticket and paid out for a full day of lazy climbing, blistering descending. Gods it is good.

That’s it! Not a bad weekend I think. Check out the video for my first attempt at a GoPro biking movie!

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